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This afternoon’s off-site meeting gave me a chance to explore Du Miên, one of the most frequented garden coffee places in Saigon. Unlike many of the coffee places I have been to and bragged about in my blog, Du Miên is located in a small aisle on Hồ Biểu Chánh, a very small street in Phú Nhuận district. One thumb up for its spacious and well-maintained garden, quiet atmosphere and decent drink list …. and one thumb down for the absence of a wi-fi internet connection.

The greeting flowers @ the entrance

A lookout from my chair

Upclose …

Another lookout from my chair … it was still bright outside …

On the way out, I saw branches of a tree painted in white at the other end of the pond … There were a white table and some white chairs underneath … Interesting … I’ll be coming to check that out one day … It is said that Du Miên looks much better at night ….errr, make it one evening then …



  1. Well, it’s just that the way people get stuck on their PCs/ laptops all the time makes me feel the pressure to be fast fast fast… And without the wi-fi-driven customers, wouldn’t we have all the space to ourselves?
    @Backpack: do you hear summer calling? Go home and we can all hang out at Du Mien :))

  2. co thiet la lan dau ba di Du Mien hong vay T? can’t believe it!!

  3. @ Tram: It’s not that we HAVE to use the internet everywhere. Du Mien itself is not a tech-free place. I saw lots of customers working on their laptops in Du Mien yesterday EVEN THOUGH there was no wi-fi. Biz wise, it makes more sense to offer free wi-fi cos that should attract a lot more customers during the day time when it operates at less than half its capacity. Some people are most effective when they’re in a quiet and relaxing environment. Plus, when people surf the internet, they don’t shout and dance around – no disturbance whatsoever to those who come tech-free 🙂

  4. Looks nice, I’d love to check it out, date-wise or business-wise (internet required :D)

  5. Ua, lan dau … quan nay xa lac xa lo … May quan nuoc hay hay o khu quan 1 tui di het tron roi … Ngoai quan 1, tui chi di Hinh Nhu La thoi.

  6. i just don’t get it when people HAVE to use the Internet everywhere 😦 and no wi-fi means yes, here’s the place for relaxation only, no room for technology 🙂

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