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I’m turning 25 in a few more months … And to make up for the mental damage of having to leave the 18-24 category, I’ve decided to put together a wish list … I seriously didn’t realize that completing the list itself is already an enjoyable experience – The list reflects pretty well the kiddy part of me … Oh well, I am always a kid at heart … 10 or 20 years down the road, I will still be one

I’ve been coming back here to edit my wish list every once in a while. Hopefully, I can finish it off today (27 Jul) …. Since I already got some very early birthday gifts, I guess it’s best to split my list into 3 parts: Ticked, Self-sponsored, Beyond.

*** TICKED ***

Thank you, Thuy, Na, Nam, Quyen & Kim Van! Your birthday gifts came super early … I guess I gotta thank myself, too …. hehe …..

1 – Australian made nougats

2 – Four-leaf clover from France

3 –
French made fresh chocolate

4 – Dance shoes

5 – Winnie-The-Pooh air chair …
Even though I considered this air chair a gift from the August B-Day Girl, she said she was gonna get me that Euphoria – CK perfume as an official gift …

6 – Dress

7 – 2 colorful Victoria’s Secret blah blah that can’t be revealed here ….

8 – A new pair of flat sandals

9 – A new pair of eyeglasses.


The following list of pricey items is a note to self. I would not expect any of my friends to go this extra mile *_*

1 – An Ipa Nima purse …. My embroidery purse is aging fast …

2 – A jade bracelet to keep me calm and cool ….. Mom said I’m like an inactive volcano which can erupt anytime …. I’d say the volcano is already activated …… …. Only real jade can control my temper … Well, this is not true cos my self-control works very well … Anyway … There are fake jade bracelets all over the place, but the jade test which Shen’s mom taught Thuy and me 1.5 years ago should help …

3 – A new lappie that weighs less than 1.5kg ….

Vaio 2

4 – A new scent … which is still unidentified at the moment … nah, I no longer want Euphoriaby Calvin Klein … Until the August B-day girl comes back to Vietnam, I can still change my mind … oowie ….

5 – A sapphire ring/pendant/pair of ear rings …. or basically anything with my birthstone on it …

6- A tourist visa and a flight ticket to Hongkong …

Ocean Park

*** AND BEYOND ***

1 A new huggie pillow …. best if bear-shaped …


2 – A green rose … I’m consistently fanatic about green roses …

Green Rose

3 – A box of macaroons … all colors & flavors … straight from Bizu – Green Belt 2 – Makati – Manila

Macaroons 2Macaroons

4 – A colorful bean bag ….. haven’t seen any colorful one in Vietnam so I guess a solid one will do …

Bean BagBean Bag - BearBean Bear - Blue

5 – Lots of bumper car rides

Bumper CarBumper Car 2

6 – A black poncho … I already got a white one …


7 – A full version of N’Sync Happy Birthday song … This is part of the song:



  1. gosh, you’re getting old, thank god i’m only almost-19, and will stay that way for A LONG TIME.. hehe.. i’ll take #5 if you know exactly what you want 🙂

  2. Your #3 wish will for sure be granted, dear.

  3. OMG, two wishes are already granted overnight … I’m overwhelmed … muah muah muahhhhh …..

  4. hehe, chocolate is way too easy dear! I’ll get u one box from the most famous chocolatier here. Bet u’ll love it. Tell me, have u an idea what the color of that 4-leaf clover pin would be? I’ll try to get u one as I’m free after 19 June and won’t be back by 20 July anyway. I’ll shop around somehow…

  5. chi ghi tieng a em doc cha hieu gi nhung co ve tieng anh chi rat gioi thi fai bravo

  6. A, em Gấu …. trong cái mớ bòng bong này riêng em Gấu chỉ cần hiểu số 24 là chị muốn được thơm mấy cái vào má vào đúng ngày sinh nhật của chị … thế là đủ rồi … *_*

  7. *_* …. I’m speechless ….

  8. I’ll go for number 7, babe… But not sure if I could get da strange GREEN rose for you or not… Or I’ll ask ’em 2 spray dat color on da white rose 4 you then… He he he…. BTW,do not 4get 2 text me 2 days b4 ur birthday

  9. Painting a white rose green doesn’t count, babe! One real green rose will beat a big vase of painted roses ah …

  10. Dear Thanh oh Thanh, I’ll try my best to find you #8, but it won’t be as green as that picture… Should it be alrite 4 you, dear?

  11. Half as green is good enough, babe!

  12. r u a big fan of Aussie nougat? Crunchy or soft?

  13. I love both ^_^

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