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These are the original versions … geez, the girl who covered two of Shania Twain’s songs got on my nerve … make sure you got a sweet and strong voice before you choose to cover any of my favorite singer’s songs, dude!



  1. bé hát ở Yoko chắc là bé gì của IceQueen . Hát dở mà shock hàng .

  2. may co bai “I love u when u call my name” ko huh?

  3. Phuong oi, song number 8 is your birthday gift

  4. Cai con be gi ma moi lan no hat lien tuc la tui ngu con khong?

  5. Be do van con, may man la dao nay tui lai khong phai nghe be do hat …

  6. Luoi surf net nen bua gio cu chay vao day nghe Belinda hoai, thong cam cho nghe chua nha. Neu co bai circle in the sand thi cang tot. Thanh thong cam, nghe chua ma con doi hoi la ban tinh sang roi 😀

  7. Circle in the sand tang Minh ne … coi nhu la qua sinh nhat som nha …

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