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La Fenetre Soleil’s Thursday night actually put an end to the severe mood swing that I had suffered from earlier that day, and was obviously a start to such a great weekend ….

My weekend trophies:
_ Friday dinner with bé Vân: Chinese dumplings in Hà Tôn Quyền – district 6 are the best!

_ 1 new necklace with 3 big green beads
_ 1 new pair of ear rings
_ 2 DVDs: One is to prepare me for the coming Pirates of the Carribean 3
_ 1 bright turquoise pullover to spare a casual day and 1 white cotton shirt with green beads … I showed them to daddy, and here’s what he said “Geez, your taste and my taste share nothing in common” … oh dear, the shiny sparkling beads alone are so cải lương, but the top itself isn’t that sến … I’m already too into green to care too much … I always thought Parkson sales and Diamond sales were the worst … Well, it doesn’t seem true anymore …. even though, every once in a while, it would be quite terrifying to know the Noir dress my friend bought from Parkson sales at half its marked price is actually an Everich dress which is being offered in all Everich stores at only 1/3 of what my friend had to pay. It’s ugly to know that prices are are marked up way too high in the only two department stores of Saigon and some of the products are not the so-called “branded” things everybody think they are Oh well, I couldn’t care more.

_ Saturday dinner with mom, auntie and cousin: Yeebo is one of the best hot pot places in town

_ and the list ends here with the tiny little things that matter:
* A chubby confession
* A three-digit number that appeared on the electronic scale last night … One simple calculation …. I lost 1.35kg, hahaha, target number 1 of this month achieved in less than 1/3 of the duration allowed.
* A lot more comments on my new hair …
1,2,3 ... click

Sunday plan: Watching Sài Gòn Nhật Thực with Heo and Cún in the afternoon … My movie brother already gave a warning that we wouldn’t be able to stop laughing not because it’s a great comedy, but because it’s a bad storyline that cannot be any worse … hahaha …

Late Sunday night:
Sài Gòn Nhật Thực was replaced by some other movies which didn’t attract us too much …

_ Window shopping in Parkson for an air-coned walk … hahaha …. After I talked Heo into buying a new makeup removal tint and a tube of silky mask, we crossed the street to Eden Mall … Our first stop was this Diana store right at the entrance … At a glance, I saw a bunch of clothes marked with 990,000VND price tags from Diamond Plaza. Outdated! Heo grabbed a gray hat nearest to her and put it on her head …. Umm, it was neither great nor ugly … “How much is it” “990,000VND” “Looks like every single item here costs 990,000VND” This is when one of the four shop assistants sneaked in our conversation “Most of them cost a few billion dong. 990,000 items are promotional ones” Darn, you’re a real rude shop assistant – customer service equals zero. “Heo, let’s leave this place” …

_ Snail early supper: As Cún joined us, we headed off to a snail place in Bình Thạnh …. It wasn’t the best snail place and we missed out a chance to try ốc bàn tay, hanging out with Cún and Heo is always so much fun …

And Heo finally bought enough from Triumph to exchange for its umbrella promotion gift … We also got Heo a pinky hat from a seller we passed by on the way back … 30,000VND … a real bargain for something that would last beyond this summer …

After leaving Cún and Heo, I took mommy to buy flat shoes for my sis in Phú Nhuận district … It was the best deal ever for two pairs of shoes: one for sis, one for mommy … I’d probably have to pay 1.5 times of this price for these two pairs in a store in district 3. On the way back, we stopped by BUD’s ice cream: 1 scoop for me, 1 scoop for mom, and 1 tint for dad. Sweet end for a Sunday.

But my Sunday didn’t end there … I can’t wait for Thúy to come back here … She got an air chair for me, something that can replace the bean bag on my wish list …. Oh dear ….


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