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Woke up early in the morning to find yesterday’s sore throat getting worse … Got ready quickly for a customer meeting … Rushed into the hotel lobby, up the marble staircase, into the meeting room to realize that I was way early …. Darn … Half an hour to kill …. and I was able to make enough special arrangements for the day with a few phone calls …

The meeting went well … They mentioned my project as one of the most recent successes at the customer’s stores. Ah hah, my work receives more recognition outside my team … kinda ironic and funny … Anyway, too much has been happening since my line manager left last September … Key take-out message: Next time, bow wow about your work as well as you perform it if you want the screaming recognition you deserve.

My sickness spoilt my appetite … Today’s lunch at Legend was so so … even though Legend’s buffet lunch is the best compared to any other five-star hotels in Saigon … New World, Caravelle, Sofitel, Park Hyatt, Sheraton … you name it … I’ve eaten there …. I’ve been spoilt, seriously …

Got to the office … Got Bảo béo’s wedding invitation … Bảo béo used to be my line manager, btw … Wow, the final product looks so fine … The card is gigantic … with upclose pix of the little Bảo béo and Sylvie ….


Here’s what’s written on the front right:
Two little children growing up thousands of miles away would never have imagined that their destinies would collide
By fate, Saigon is closer to Montreal than you may think, and the world is full of happy collisions.
Let’s celebrate the magic, the joy that makes the world go around


2:30 pm … “Where are all of my arrangements?” … One phone call: The ice cream cake was in …. Half an hour later, another phone call, the flowers were in …. A few text messages and phone calls …. The whole team was around …. There we went …. parading to my cubicle singing “Happy Birthday to you …. lah lah lah ….”

This is the birthday girl …. and of course she could have guessed about this arrangement …. See the greetings on the flower … I asked the flower shop to put it there knowing it was probably one of the weirdest wishes they had ever heard of …


And here is another June girl ….


1st of June, she was away on a business trip … Today, she was totally amazed to see her name on the cake and the flower basket’s greetings …. I swear I saw the sparks in her eyes …. She must have thought that we never knew her birthday …. Realizing we were singing for both Mi and her, she was touched … Hehe, it’s her first birthday celebration in Unilever, and the last one as a single …

Here’s the birthday girls and the gang …





Hey, we’re the youngest and cutest (applicable to the female members only) team in Unilever ….

As we were having the yummie ice cream cake, our big boss came by and asked Mi what her biggest birthday wish was … She said that’s exactly the same wish written on the flower greetings … Hehe, I knew it …. I’ve been her colleague for long enough to know this wish very very well … She caught the bride’s flower bouquet a few months ago … That is a sign … Supposedly, her marriage is due this year …. Our boss, who has experienced a family failure once in his life and is now expecting a new baby with his beloved second wife and their adorable two-year-old daughter, replied, “You would be longing for this to happen … You’d even find yourself waiting anxiously and yet it wouldn’t come …. On one fine day, when you no longer care about it as much, you’d suddenly find yourself falling deeply in love with someone who just crosses your way … Only after all this will you have a true and lasting love …. ” …. can’t disagree with him ….

So that was my June 14, 2007. Nothing happened to me, but I was overwhelmed cos my arrangements worked out well … and the birthday girls obviously had a day to remember ….

… Beddie time … I hate it when I’m sick …..


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