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Monday night …. Panorama Sky Lounge was so darn boring … No entry to level 33 was allowed … and half of level 32 was under renovation … the other half was not even air conditioned …. that was why most of the guests chose to sit out on the balcony ….. Too bad there was not just one gentle breeze …. The heat was too much to take, so we decided to entertain ourselves with the glasses ….


Definitely not an ordinary pair of glasses … The question is who owns it ….

Does it belong to Dieu Anh – my fashion designer friend – a very creative and unique designer – a real talent and a tall model, too? Well, she’s 1.75m …. probably the tallest female designer in Vietnam … hehe …. and of course when she appears on stage, she is never intimidated by the tall models like most other designers are …. …. Oh, btw, her corner is on the ground floor of Zen Plaza and the brand is “Dieu Anh” …. so do drop by to see what she’s got for you ….


Hmmm, does this pair of glasses belong to my plastic-surgeon-to-be friend? One more year to go, and she’ll graduate from her medical school … She’s been my best friend for 19 years … I’m wondering if she’ll be my plastic surgeon in the future … hahaha ….. Nah … I’m not brave enough to go under the knife ….


And lastly, does it belong to me – the owner of this blog?

DA n T

So ….. what do you think???



  1. Vay theo Toan ai la bug-eye lady?

  2. Ai nổi (tai) tiếng khoái mang bug-eyes thì they belong to her, hà hà 😉 Am I right?

  3. The one one day will literally implant bug-eyes for herself =))

  4. Hahaha

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