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So there are Western medication (thuốc tây) … Chinese herbal medication (thuốc bắc) … and Vietnamese herbal medication (thuốc nam) … Haha, for once, this silly girl thought thuốc bắc is from the North of Vietnam, and thuốc nam is from the South

No more misperception …. I know now what Vietnamese herbal medication tastes like … And umm, yes, I’m taking medication again … for at least three months the doctors said …. for my skin problem … well, more for my immune system mom said …. And though thuốc nam does not smell as harsh as thuốc bắc, having to finish two full bowls of such dark liquid everyday for 90 days is … Anyway, mom insisted that I give it a serious try … Looks like I can’t back out ….

Now that 3 of the 90 days have passed, I’ve found myself a good tip to cope with this routine … Get a glass of water ready … hold the bowl of medication with one hand …. take a super long deep breath …. finish off the liquid while still holding my breath … finish off the water … and breathe again for dear life … haha …. Hopefully, this tip will get me through to September … and hopefully, the doctors will stop their prescription before I turn 25 … Darn, last year, I took the endoscopic test in the morning of my birthday … No more association of health problems to birthdays please!

Last year, the doctors warned me against having sour and spicy food … I did just that and fixed my stomach problem months ago … This year, the taboo list is so much longer: no seafood (shrimp, fish, crabmeat, escargoes), no chicken, no beef, no dog meat, no alcohol, and last but not least, no cosmetics …. dah! I should be a vegetarian and a super plain girl for a few months ….

Trâm’s wedding is tomorrow …. Bảo béo’s wedding is next week … Thùy Trang’s and Thúy Anh’s are also coming up …. Hmm, should I make up for my plainness with more accessories and scents ???



  1. Humm, the hom bua co nho mua cai clear makeup cua Philosophy tui recommend chua? Tui ma dung duoc thi ba chac chan dung duoc. A, gui loi chuc mung den Thuy Anh gium tui hen!

  2. Cho tui ke voi ba Ngoc nua!! Congrats to her!! Con ba thi rang di!! Tui da rat cuc kho and so I am voi cai vu kieng ice-cream(dung la cuc hinh tren doi!!) Nhung ma it does work!!! So..(chac ko can noi cung bit minh phai lam gi roi chu!?!? khekhe). Ah wen, the chocolate co trong list ko nhí?!?

  3. Thanh ơi, em biết sách của ông Perricone không? Ông này có mấy cuốn The Perricone Prescription, The Acne Prescription (còn gọi là Clear Skin Prescription) nói về chế độ ăn uống, tập luyện, cách dùng thuốc (thuốc “tây” thôi 😉 vitamins & multivitamins), đồ dưỡng da rất workable.

  4. Hahha,
    Ban Thanh nay hoi bi “hai lua” roi nha. Van biet thuoc Nam thuoc Bac lau roi. Tai nha Van cho Van uong tu nho lan.

    Thuoc Nam thi tot lam, nhung ma fai uong lau dai. Ngay xua Van fai uong nghe^. voi mat ong de chua dau bao tu do.

    Co len. Hehhe

  5. poor brown candy, if I had a year that I have to cut off those things, I would shave my head & spend that year in a temple, no kidding.

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