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The flowers were arranged by the groom himself for the lovebirds’ pre-wedding photo session … Well, all of these pre-wedding pix were taken by their amateur photographer friends in Melbourne … The pictures turned out to be terrifically cool …. Here’s one of their best shots (link)

In their mid-twenty, Trâm and anh Việt are the youngest lovebirds to get married … And by this time next year, they will be my youngest couple friends with two PhD degrees to boast about …

Last night, Trâm was the most beautiful bride in the world …. Great makeup, lovely wedding dress … and anh Việt himself was a very diplomatic groom … he smiled in return to the applause from all guests on both sides of their walkway while Trâm, walking gently by his side, was too shy to exchange as much of such contact … ….

While the two lovebirds are busy preparing for the next wedding celebration in the groom’s hometown, here’s a picture update from yesterday’s guests ….


Cheers 3

Cheers 1

Van-Tram Thanh-Tram

Linh-Tram Nhu-Tram





  1. Thanks Thanh, great pics 🙂

  2. nice bride and so are her friends!!! 🙂

  3. Great pics… when is your turn to be the bride,Thanah ? You all ladies look so beautiful…wish i was in the middle of the pic…

  4. Goshhhh…. all da ladiesssssss are so… hotttt!!! ^_^

  5. Oi oi, chuc mung Bao Tram gium luon. Btw, you should get more black dresses. Definitely look good on you.

  6. Why need a red dress? A red necklace on a black dress will also do. Talking abt it, where did the thing on your neck go in the last pic? : )

  7. @ Toan: I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long … 😛
    @ Quyen: Venue: Majestic Hotel
    @ Daniel: Hmmm, you’ll be invited when it’s my turn … stay tuned!
    @ Na: Oh yeahhhhhhhh *_*

  8. In my purse 😛 … I took it off right after I got out of the elevator ….

  9. Hum nay moi coi hinh cuoi cua Tram tren blog Thanh. Toa`n la` nhung bo^ng hoa xinh tuoi (tru*` Tram ra thi co`n lai hong biet co hoa nao co’ chu? chua ha Thanh?) hihi…

  10. @ Ngoc: I have three black dresses … all are knee length and look almost the same in pictures … hmmm … I saw a super cool red necklace today … wondering if I should start looking for a red dress now … Hmm, Lady In Red …. Ring any bell? (*_*)

  11. Thì tất nhiên phải treo ở chỗ nào người ta thích sờ nhất rồi. Cái bạn Thanh này hỏi hay nhỉ? XD

  12. Hình như chưa nhưng mà toàn đeo bảng “Cấm sờ vào hiện vật” á Tea à 😀

  13. @ KT: Ơ cái bạn Toàn này hay nhỉ … Cái bảng đó treo ở đâu vậy Toàn?

    @ Thi: Tình hình là Thanh cũng như Thi … không nắm hết tình hình thế sự … Cứ tạm thời cho là ai cũng single and available đi … The right person comes when you least expect it to happen anyway …

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