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The week started out with this hilarious comment “Marketing staff is more senior than their Customer Marketing counterpart”, which left my manager speechless for a long while …. It suddenly reminded me of what M. used to tell me “Welcome to the corporate world where people can bitch about basically anything” …. so what if globally the corporation had to restructure and introduce the so-called Customer Marketing teams as a crucial part of every Customer Development department one and a half years ago …. So what if the complexity and the impact of in-store activities are growing larger everyday … some people in Marketing still hold this illusion of them being superior to others …. Helpless!

To de-stress ourselves, we decided to head to Cơm tấm Ba Ghiền for an early lunch … Such indulgence worked like magic ….

Monday evening: Went with bé Vân to have chinese dumplings in district 6 again … after dinner, we were off to this tiny little shop on Nguyen Dinh Chieu where I found a birthday gift for a colleague, and a red necklace to dream about … hmmm …


Tuesday evening: Dinner with Han and her family …. Luna D’Autunno got the best Tiramisu and Pana Cota I’ve ever had … I’ll definitely be coming back for more ….


Wednesday: End of Unilever Salsa beginner class … It was a big success for me personally ….

Thursday morning: Decided to take the day off …. Came to give Han some company at the hairdresser’s and this best friend gave me this hilarious comment “How come my two best friends in the states are already engaged, and my two best friends in Vietnam, who I’ve known for much longer, are still single” …. Well, the actual words were “Tại sao mà hai đứa bạn thân nhất của ta ở Việt Nam lại ế chỏng gọng như vậy” …. Her two best friends in Vietnam are of course no one else but Dieu Anh and me …. The fact that we’ve not recently been dating anyone is such a contrast of her exciting romantic life …. No offense! We’ve got so used to mocking each other … And it’s not like we’re dying tomorrow if we don’t date anyone today … Being single is still better than dating the wrong guy anyway …

Thursday noon: A belated birthday lunch for Minh Nam at A Bửu Quán … Here are two pix that revealed Nam’s two faces – He can be so feminine and then so mafia within a blink of an eye …. Well, he’s a Gemini, that’s why …. hehe ….


Thursday evening: Managed to drag Han and Dieu Anh to La Fenetre Soleil. Thuy and Mike were also there …Watching this young girl from RMIT dance with her friends, I realized that if a not-so-skinny girl got the moves right, she could be a very very attractive Salsera … G-reat! I don’t need to lose much weight then … …. After La Fenetre, we decided to drop by Manna for a drink …. The young singer from Head Level Band was still singing heartily when it was almost mid night ….

Below are the last pix we took before Han left Vietnam … Han said the one who got to sit in the middle looked the best … Would you disagree?


Friday morning passed quickly … In the afternoon, we went on a short and fun-filled trip to Binh Duong … Passed by Unilever’s new distribution center – currently the biggest D.C in Vietnam, dropped by Saigon Outlet Mall, and even managed to have bún bò Giáo Toàn, which has been claimed as Bình Dương’s specialty before we headed back to the office.

One-minute confession: I broke my promise! I couldn’t resist not buying that lovely dress for myself …. Never knew that breaking a promise could make me feel so contented …

Friday early evening: Unilever Salsa intermediate class started … Owie …. this dance is a serious hook! A few colleagues dropped out due to their busy July schedule, but at least 16 members still remain in the class ….

Friday night: Lush was oh so very crowded, even more so than last Saturday … I really liked that cool birthday dance song they played last night … Got no idea what it’s called and who sings it … Been searching up and down … but it doesn’t look like somebody on Imeem and Imesh got it ….

Saturday started out with a pouring rain … then a small fight with Chub … and the second Tiramisu and Pana Cota treat of the week …. Han was flying off in a few hours, which made a very fine excuse to order a yummie pizza and desserts from Luna again … Though the pizza doesn’t look that great, it’s the finest thin crust I’ve ever had … It definitely beats Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Al Fresco’s and even Pomodoro …. Luna rocks!

Tomorrow’s Sylvie-Bảo béo’s wedding reception ….. I just can’t wait to see Sylvie in her wedding dress ….

Back from the wedding … It’s the best decorated wedding reception I’ve ever been to … Amazing flowers by Những Chàng Trai …… Oh my goodness ……

Here are some snapshots from my phone … I really wish I brought my camera ….

DSC00773 DSC00774






  1. cai Luna gi do la o dau the?! Co ve hap dan wa!!

  2. And you got a black and white necklace, babe!!! Bought it from a shop on NDC, too! Can it be???

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