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So long the special day …. so long a friend who used to be so dear to me …. How you walked out of my life is as surprising as how you walked into it …. If such minor things could spoil our whatever-ship, so be it …. As I always said, things happen for a reason, and there are tiny little things that matter, too bad the interpretations of those tiny little things are not the same for you and for me ….

Ooops, let’s get back to the reason why I’m gonna start blogging about food ….

Well, as all of you may already know by now, I’m a big time gastronome …. I find fun in eating and trying out new food …. (hmmm, probably except fried insects, even though I stayed in Thailand for more than 3 years and passed by the fried insect booth every weekend) …. And what’s the point of knowing what’s yummie, where they sell it, and keeping it for myself ….

Today’s pick is VN stuffed baguette (bánh mì thịt).

Before 1995, I’d say Như Lan got the best stuffed baguette in Saigon …. 12 years from then, Sáu Minh has taken over the top place …

Where to find it: Sáu Minh grocery store with a wheeled baguette booth in front on Võ Văn Tần street near the crossroads with Cách Mạng Tháng Tám

How much does it cost: 10,000VND. Yes, they just raised it up from 8,000VND. Hmmm, the escalating inflation rate is to blame! Nowadays, everything but our salary is rising up anyway …..

What makes it so yummie: I’d say it’s the mixture of all fresh & well-chosen ingredients stuffed inside the baguette …..

I gotta run to the third wedding within the past three weeks now ….. will be back soon …..



  1. Sau Minh has always been my favorite since I was 12!!! There were days when I simply refused to have dinner because of this baguette. Indeed, the price has been raised from 4000VND(and it depended on what u wanted to stuff inside), to 5000VND, and then 6000 and 8000 and now, 10000!!! They should have bettered off!

  2. You have no idea how much I crave for one of those Vietnamese sandwiches. Gosh. So willing to trade a steak & lobster meal for one of those. huhuhu

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