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This is the highlight of last weekend ….. Since I’m still so wide awake at 2am, why not write about this newly open coffee shop at the end of that same aisle (6 Ngô Thời Nhiệm) where Serenata and Sỏi Đá are located.

Acoustic welcome display


The spacious inside of Acoustic was nicely decorated, except that the triangle tables and the square chairs took up too much space, and the seating setting was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The big stage (well, at least it is a lot bigger than the so-called “stage” at Yoko) looked busy with lots of musical instruments. One set of drums, one set of congas, one djembe, two or three guitars, a piano, and mics, and wires were all in place ….

Saturday night was Akalika’s night ….. I always thought this band was called Little Wings … Either my memory messed it up or they actually got themselves a new name ….. Whatever the name of the band is, their singing is still the best …..

From right: The Akalika Band with anh Phương, anh Minh, anh Hưng, and I-don’t-know-his-name … Oh and one of the best things about Acoustic is that the musicians and singers are comfortably seated while performing their songs.


During their non-stop two-hour performance, anh Minh could show off his superb skills with the percussions changing from the djembe, to the congas, and the drum set. Beside anh Hưng, anh Minh is the other singer of the band. He’s a real talent! Actually, all four members of Akalika rock!

Right after Akalika’s songs, this young man was invited to come on stage. He looked so weak that I was afraid he might break his fingers after playing the guitar with bare hands. But he didn’t break a thing. After introducing his real name, Vincent surprised everyone with 8 songs in a go …. He went solo for the first 4 songs until anh Minh decided to give him some company … Great bonus of the night!

Vincent & A Minh

A very decent first experience in Acoustic …. Even though the manager pissed me off at the beginning with his stupid shouting to his staff “Did I already tell you not to bring more customers in. There’s not a seat left”, he came to apologize right afterwards saying the huge influx of guests got him nervous as he didn’t know how to fit everyone in. As I said, the chairs and tables needed serious re-arranging.

I came back to Acoustic with some other friends the next night. It was a Rock Ballad night by Stickit2theman … Not sure if I got their name right …. I was pretty sure the drum guy of this band used to sing (or maybe he still does) with the Dalton Band at the Seventeen Saloon. I never knew he could play drums so well. Though I found Stickit2theman’s “Wild World” cover not so cool as that of Akalika, the rest of their performance was quite nice ….

Alright, I should really go to bed now …. For a different review of Acoustic, you can check out Na’s latest entry (Click here)



  1. troi oi, nhin band cua anh Hung nho Yoko qua ah hic hic

  2. Search thông tin về anh Minh vô tình ghé qua blog bạn.
    Mạn phép copy entry này post lên diễn đàn Acoustic nha.
    Thanks a lot! Thứ Hai này (07/07) lên Acoustic chơi đi bạn, kỷ niệm 1 năm thành lập quán đó!

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