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It’s been one full month since I started taking two bowls of that Vietnamese herbal medicine everyday. The minimum extra time is 2 months, which should be a small piece of cake if I won’t have to travel so much ….

Oh, lovers of silk clothes and embroidery dresses should check out this Capucine shop on Le Loi street. I just bought some very cool outfit from there. Capucine is located next to Boniva chocolate shop and Rex hotel. Capucine belongs to the same company that owns Bias Blue, and Anna Bui shops on Đồng Khởi street. Since it is going to be closed down on July 29 cos Rex hotel is raising up the rental fee, Capucine is running the first and last sales promotion of its 7 years in business. Some pricey silky items are now only half and even less than half their original prices. Don’t miss the precious chance, dudes, cos I think they got real good material (half of the items are silk) – Unique design (The silk skirt I bought is one of its kind) – Acceptable price (now that they are clearing up stocks, the price starts from 15usd/piece)

By the way, I finally got hold of one of the sweetest Viet songs I’ve ever heard ……. Here it is …. “Giấc mơ dịu êm” by Thùy Lâm ……

Which song do you think is my wakeup ringtone?
Hey Ya – Outkast


My Macho – Jessica Jay


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  1. vote rồi đó, thoả lòng mong ước nhé 😉

  2. Ối, đa tạ chị u.T.L ……

  3. Thanks sis for this heartwarming song by Thuy Lam.

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