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How can they tell that I am going shopping this afternoon …. Hmmm, since the gang includes such shopaholics as Ha-tiden, Na-Cun Tep and em Quynh Anh, its highly likely that I am gonna buy something on impulse …. Better off leaving my purse at home …. And dudes, do not lend me a penny if you wanna help me …. hehe …..


The Bottom Line

If you have a shopping trip planned for today, watch out for impulse buying.

In Detail

If you have a shopping trip planned today, watch out for impulse buying — it could be a big mistake. This applies to any type of shopping — whether you’re going to the grocery store for a weekly supply trip to going online to order a new book or CD. While you’re in the store (virtual or brick-and-mortar), you’ll be drawn in by advertised specials that you don’t really need. Stick to your shopping list. Save more now so you can spend more later.



  1. Yeah right …. that I never knew …. I never liked sticky rice, and sharing your sticky rice breakfast was the last thing I would ever think of … can’t believe for all those years you hated me for something I never did …. Remember to shout out loud if you’re going to hate me again … hehe ….

  2. cant believe i’m going shopping with you (for the very first time, right?) Gosh, I used to hate you so much!

  3. Hahahaha.. Gotta change ur blast, dude… The 4pm Wedding Fair was cancelled… And things turned out at da end dat you are the one who lent us money… Hic hic hic….

  4. “No more dresses whatsoever until the next Tet” >>> just 4get abt da curse,babe!!! Cuz dat’ll be your biggest mistake of the year. Keke…

  5. “If you have a shopping trip planned today, watch out for impulse buying — it could be a big mistake” >>> could it be your new pair of shorts that da horoscope’s talkin’ abt? Hmmmmm….

  6. Tnks sis…succesful shopping day ^_^ My housemates got crazy about my cutie stuffs khec khec 😛

  7. @ Em QA: Glad that you enjoyed our shopping trip … Only in 6 hours, we four were seriously digging up that Capucine shop, dragging ourselves from store to store along Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, bargaining hard in Ban Co market, trying up almost everything we could at Dolleza House, and checking out Mango Sales at Saigon Center to know there ain’t anything great.

    @ Na: Yeah yeah, my self-control is working well most of the time. Having spent less than 100K VND on myself and lent more than 500K to you and Ha, I am now the official shark loan …. keke …. You’d better treat your shark loan nicely, or she’ll change the currency of your loan from VND to USD tomorrow.

    But dudes, while Ha is probably smiling (and crying inside at the same time) cos, among the four of us, she spent the biggest buck on the biggest load of dresses/tops/shoes/…, QA being flattered by her house mates’ comments, Na overly contented with her new lovely embroidery bag, I’m still dreaming about that turquoise chiffon dress.

    If I am buying it tomorrow, the curse is “No more dresses whatsoever until the next Tet” …. Shopping is seriously a girl’s problem!

  8. Remember how much my new pair of shorts costs, babe? Hardly a mistake! But the chiffon dress …. hmmmmmmmmmm …… I’m bringing my mom along tmr … As long as she likes how I look in it, I’m buying it …

  9. sisters, pls kindly submit photos of yesterday’s shopping spree . I’ll post them on my fashion blog.

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