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Woke up at 6:20 even though the alarm was set at 6:55, hmmm

The meeting started at 9:00 …. 50 minutes later: “Where did you study?”, asked the Supply Chain VP right after I finished my part …. He thought that I studied somewhere in Australia or New Zealand and picked up the Australian way of raising the intonation at the end of each sentence …. Hahaha, that was pretty surprising …. Anyway, the presentation went well … and the morning ended with a small re-union with high school classmates at Bun Bo Hue Thanh Noi where I got an early birthday gift ….

My first birthday gift

Pussy, thanks for the gift …. It’s 45 days in advance and it’s the biggest real four-leaf clover I’ve ever seen …. “I chose a heart-shaped clover for you, wishing you love and lots of luck” …

Talking about love, here’s a kids song that I’ve loved for years …

My handwriting

…… and yuppie, that’s my handwriting, if that’s what you’re wondering …. It doesn’t look as good as it used to be … The computer is to blame … That round piece of paper is actually the glass plate from Sofitel …. I got carried away in a meeting in Sofitel one rare day and decided to play around with whatever there was within my reach ….

Today evening’s 2-hour presentation unexpectedly lifted off the pain which had been there since last month …. Once again, it’s proven true that things do happen for a reason … and sometimes not having what you wanted is a wonderful stroke of luck …

Time for bed ….


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  1. Your handwriting still looks familiar to me, Thanh. Somehow it reminds me of Miss My’s handwriting. That song you wrote on the plate is cute, I love it too. Be Nha usually sang it when she was small, that’s why I know it 🙂

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