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Weight Loss: ticked

How many kilos have I lost? That I need to check … But I need not a scale to know that I already achieved this month target … I’ve got friends telling me that I look thinner than last month … The pink dress – in which I used to look like a walking sausage – and skirts that didn’t fit me some months ago fit me now …

What’s next: Lose another 0.5 kg. Make no purchase of clothes in August.

Bed Time: unticked

I hardly went to bed before 11pm this whole month and I’ve turned myself into a real Panda …. dah!!!

Pic: stolen from chub’s page

What’s next: Hit the sack before 10:40pm except on Tues and Sat.

Birthday Wish List: ticked

Here’s the revised and complete 25th birthday wish list of mine!

What’s next: Save up to bring home at least two of those self-sponsored items in the list



  1. Hao oi, 6 tuan nua moi toi sinh nhat Thanh … Hao chuc tu bay gio coi nhu vua dung luc do 😉

  2. Thanh oi, ko biet loi chuc co muon lam ko, nhung later better than never nhi. Chuc cac items trong wish list cua Thanh come true as many as possible nhe!

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