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Monday noon … a few hours before the storm hit the office

Cô bé bán vé số (nhìn cái nón là biết liền) & cô bé bán tôm – aka TôMi Phùng ….

3pm – The storm came …

In the aftermath, the victims refused to give any detailed description …

6pm – Two victims decided to storm M-Comics place themselves …


Nice and blurry .. hehe …

Assuming our friends had reserved this corner, TôMi Phùng was so blunt and assertive that the waiters really thought we were the ones who called in to make the reservation … ha ha ha …

DSC01004 DSC01018

While waiting for our friends, we decided to pose for some pictures …

Mind you this is no one’s bedroom. These are the most comfy seatings anyone can find in M-Comics … And umm these pix are too hot to enlarge … he he he

Here are the four pink-n-white girls on the red bed, smiling happily after defeating two opponents in a hilarious pillow fight…
Right opposite us are the defeated on the black bed …
M-Comics – a lookout from the staircase

M-Comics is a spacious black-n-white-n-red entertainment place for teenagers at 33 Võ Thị Sáu st. It’s not just a drink shop (3/4 of the glass of carrot juice I ordered was pure ice), it’s definitely not a dining place (the food was ewww), but it’s a great place to spend some time away from the office, oops, from schools and textbooks as in the language of M’s main target. Well, M is the name, and I entailed it with Comics because there’s a big shelf of comics right on the ground floor. However, it wasn’t the comics that kept me and my friends there for 4 hours … The credits went to the pillow fight and the domino games in which TôMi Phùng lost 3 times in a go …


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  1. belt ai mua ma` dep the nhi? =))

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