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Rainy Friday nite – Acoustic cafe

It was the first time I ordered a smoothie instead of pure fruit juice … and it was also the first time my drink got such a funny decorative … Anh San & Chi joked that I got this secret admirer from the bar, and that I was supposed to write him my cell phone number on the back of this pomelo peel shark … yeah right … hehe ….


My 3rd trip to Acoustic was filled with a lot of fun and surprises … Cường, the youngest member of the Acoustic band, is only 11 years old. And if you just listen to the music with your eyes closed, you are never gonna think that the drummer is not even a teen yet …. And Hà Okio – the singer in black – was the discovery of the night. I enjoyed his voice, his songs, and even his body movements … It’s been so long since I last saw such an expressive singer ….

Acoustic Band & Ha Okio

Three of Sunday’s real good songs …. Hà Okio sang Sorry for the stupid things brilliantly …



  1. Vui ve nhi! (“Mang Xoi” dau fai xuat xu tu kieu toc do dau cung.)

  2. Tao khoai tam hinh may chup voi em Saigon Chic… Dang ngoi cua em Chic dep cuc.. Kekeke…

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