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>>> fast-forwarding the story to where the To` He booth first appeared >>>

….. Ahah, there’s a colorful To` He booth around the corner …

Booth 1
To` He Dragon in the making …

Ummm, why not make one To` He for myself …. however ugly or beautiful it may be, it’d just be my sole To` He … So I patiently spent the first 5 minutes trying to form the body of the To` He piggy until the To` He artist said “You must start out with the piggy head” ….. Oh okie, start with the head … Easy! After turning the piggie body back into a pinkie mess, I tried to form the piggie head … then a piggie nose and two nostrils, a big piggie mouth and two super thin piggie eyes …. Diligently and excitedly, I spent almost 15 minutes working on my first To` He work of arts …. And it turned out to be a real masterpiece …. Well, normally it takes the To` He artist from 2 to 5 minutes to make one To` He …

A really piggie pig …from head to toe …. hehe …. I didn’t know I got some hidden talents eh …


Never ever thought that colored glutinous rice powder and a few sticks could bring me so much fun … Btw, all To` He come on sticks, that’s by design! So no debate nah ka …..

T n Piggy

Now take a look at this picture … The other two piggies were made by the To` He artists … Though my piggy needed extra accessories and one or two gender identifiers, it surely got better curves than its peers …

3 Piggies a

And here’s what I’d been bragging about … Piggy pig’s brilliant tail …

Piggy Tail 2



  1. did u make it urself? it’s really cute hei ^o^

  2. Yup yup, I made it myself for the first time in my life … If you ever run into a To` He booth, do ask to play with the sticky mixture … That’s indescribable fun!

  3. Thi, it’s a big secret … shhhhhhhh …

  4. That’s cute Thanh (the piggies and you =)) At first I thought the artist made the piggies. You really have “hoa tay” for this 😉 Where is the booth Thanh?

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