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… more and more everyday … I’m glad I didn’t give it up back in April when I first found the cross body lead with turn too tricky to master … It isn’t that complicated, really! The tricky part now lies in the arm movements …. and err … that double turn … Anyway, my skills are improving, and I’m feeling great …

Practicing Salsa, Bachata & Merengue is now my best exercise ….

I can laugh so hard at myself whenever I make a silly turn or cười trừ whenever I step on my partner’s foot … oops …. I can also laugh at some of my classmates knowing that they simply wouldn’t mind my laughing …

I get to sweat a bit, which helped cure my terrible headache last Thursday night …

I can also learn from watching some very smooth dancers in the class and at La Fenetre Soleil every Thursday …

Above all, I love most of the Salsa songs that I’ve danced into … and nothing is sweeter than a Bachata song …

Here’s my favorite play list (link) with 2 Bachata songs and 2 Salsa songs … Do check back as I’ll be adding more songs to this list …



  1. dun forget to practice the man’s part to lead me when I back 🙂 Guess you are the only one can bear with my terrible movement :”>
    Btw, why I always see “Tag Cloud” on the left of ur blog? Is that something to do with me?

  2. @ Cloud: Tag cloud is a cloud of tags and it’s everywhere on 360 *_* If your Salsa skills improve, Toan may be a better lead than me. I’d prefer to be led …

    @ KT: Yeah yeah, I sound like a pro, but I dance like an amateur. The only thing that keeps me going on is the joy Salsa brings. Do join a club over there and surprise us when you’re back eh!

  3. Wow, you sounds so much like a pro now, I’m gonna have to join a club here too ^_^!!!

    @Cloud: Thanh is not as patient as me, so don’t even guess =P! j/k baby 😀

  4. @Thanh: hmmm, so that tag… has nothing to do with me! I’ll settle ur tag as soon as I find enough odd things abt me 😀
    @KT: let’s see how long b4 u run away to save ur bruised feet >:P

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