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2 choux creams in a go were not the best food choice for someone who wanted to lose 2kilos in 20 days … Yeah, 2 kilos in 20 days … 100gr each day … that was almost my weight loss target when I put on the new pair of jeans from Han … On second thought, I decided not to push myself too much as the jeans didn’t come with a pair of wings … They can’t fly off from my closet next month or even next year …. I’m losing weight anyway … and splurging feels soooooooooo gooooooooood ………

Too bad Tous Les Jours is not selling small servings of Tiramisu …. I would have preferred to splurge with a quarter of that yummie Tiramisu cake … ….

Now talking about Tiramisu in Saigon, Luna D’autunno, which is next to Ngoc Suong seafood restaurant on Suong Nguyet Anh street, got the best tiramisu. Quite pricey though. 55K VND per serving. The I-forgot-its-name Italian restaurant on the ground floor of Park Hyatt Saigon and Pomodoro on Hai Ba Trung street offer the second best tiramisu. Xu restaurant is the only place where I can find durian tiramisu …. Yum yum … Two other places that also offer the typical tiramisu include: Creperie & Cafe on Han Thuyen street, D’liss at the corner of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and Le Thanh Ton ….

And ummm, I really wanna know where Tous Les Jours creamy chokie sweet treat stands in my ranking … Can’t wait to splurge again … And there’s a serious question to all tiramisu lovers in HCMC … Will you volunteer to splurge with me???

Oh dear, this is unbelievable … I initially wanted to blog about my quest for greater sentimental stability, which is all about love for the sake of loving somebody and being loved … But I guess my love for food took over … Told ya I’m an all time gastronome, didn’t I



  1. Okay… Here’s da name of “The I-forgot-its-name Italian restaurant on the ground floor of Park Hyatt Saigon” >>> It’s called Opera Restaurant, gal!

  2. Ui Thanh oi,so irresistable 🙂 Thanh lose weight gioi the, hom nao post anh moi cho moi nguoi xem nhe. Nice day!

  3. may noi “wings” lam tao buon cuoi qua day… 🙂 jeans with wings hehe

  4. @ Na: Nobody knows it better than you do, hehe
    @ Traam: /^_^\
    @ NNH: Hao doi Thanh di kiem cai charger cua may chup hinh cai da … 😛

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