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Sat lazy morning ended with a decent facial massage session at Lũ Đông Kinh … The luxury costs me an arm and a leg, ouch, especially when all Dermal products are at least 1.5 times more expensive than they are in the US … But then Dermal is not the only case here … every freaking branded item one can find in Vietnam is always marked up like that … For problematic skin like mine, Clinique couldn’t do the job, so Dermal is the only option. Major improvement can be seen in a week … I’m glad I finally found my solution and …. errr … I can’t really complain now … I guess I should just zip up my mouth so I can lose some more weight and afford a full set of Dermal skincare … yeah yeah, like zipping up is that easy

Mid-day 45-min phone talk was enough to make my weekend … … Though I arrived at Galaxy Nguyễn Du 20 mins late for The Transformers, it still wasn’t too late to catch up with everything … And umm, I don’t really like Sam, but I’m totally in love with BumbleBee – the Big-Eyed …

After a hair quickfix, I found myself all caught up in Saigon’s late afternoon rain … How long has it been since I last got caught in the rain like this? Errr …. not that I remember … but it felt nice to get all wet again after so long …

Been lazing around all evening until I ran into Chub’s most favorite playlist … These songs are so classy …



  1. and I like Megatron – the destroyer , keke. He looks cool

  2. Cuoi cung ban Thanh di Lu Dong Kinh a\? Satisfied ko?

  3. The facial exceeded my expectation 😀 … My masseuse (Kim Anh) is a real pro …

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