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I never knew Ciao Lounge was such a decent place to hang out during the day … Big soft sofa and lots of huggie pillows …

Saigon Chic, me, Minh, and Na caught up in the most fun-filled triple X-rated talk ever @ Ciao Lounge last Sunday afternoon …

Ha-Thanh-Minh-Na @ Ciao Lounge

Anyone wanna make a wild guess what’s written on Na’s black top?



  1. Thanh oi,
    Is the guy in the pix Tran Minh?
    Nhin hoi la nen khong biet co chac khong? Agreed with Thuy, dang mo^’t “toc ngan” My Linh hay sao vay ta?


  2. Này, đưa áo tao vào đây chế giễu gì thế nhở? Để từ từ sắm thêm “Live to fcuk” hay “Fcuk to live” gì đấy cho đủ collection… ^_^
    @B&B: You’ll see my long hair in 2 years, babe!!

  3. all short hair.. sign!

  4. Na Na, how about “best fcuk”? 😛

  5. @ VL: Bingo! Em Linh’s super eyes got it right
    @ Thuy: I’m growing my hair long now. Stay tuned, babe!
    @ Van: Yep yep, that’s him – the old Tran Minh “Kho Chuoi” from Nguyen Du that we all know 😛

  6. lucky fcuk.

  7. I look like a pig…huhu

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