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This is the best social network I’ve ever used … I am getting addicted to its super active networks by country, and boundary-less groups of all sizes, interests, and beliefs … Well, it far outweighs Yahoo 360 as I could still blog (Its Notes application allows me to import my blog entries from 360. How convenient!) and enjoy its numerous interactive and non-interactive apps. I may be wrong but definitely not 100% wrong that Facebook members use their real names, and that’s how, on Facebook, I am able to find old friends from middle school, high school, and of course, college – with whom I failed to keep contact after graduation. I even ran into my current Salsa instructor and my class members and joined in the Salsa Vietnam group.

Well well, I can just go on and on and on but I won’t … Explore on your own and you’ll know why …

NDu-CAers, LHP-CAers, WUTians …. if you’re already there, my screen name is Phuong-Thanh Cao



  1. hoi xua no’ chi cho students that have school email address to sign up..cho nen hoi xua no’ clean lam lam lam..bay gio ai cung sign up duoc, bat dau tu`m lum roa`i…dont like it no more

  2. I don’t like facebook at all! But i gotta set up the account to have access to my organization’s website. Darn!

  3. Facebook has been around for a while, at lease as soon as I came to US.

    Never quite interested enough to check it out. Properly I should now.

  4. @ Van: The first time I got an invitation to join Facebook is two or three years ago. I didn’t spend a minute checking out the site, thinking it would be quite similar to Friendster and Hi5. Recently, I heard about Facebook again and was determined to explore what it got. It wasn’t a mistake 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be able to reconnect with lots of your college friends and long-lost friends who are studying and living in the US as Facebook seems to be most popular in North America and Europe.

    @ Ha: Well, I had to use my Unilever email adress to become a member of the Unilever network with more than 2800 U staff from all over the world. Facebook still got something good to give. Whether Facebook is a clean and interesting site totally depends on how we put it into use.

    @ Nikki: There you go. Thousands of very active groups on Facebook are the biggest reason why I like the site a lot.

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