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To all: Thank you very much for the birthday wishes … Be it in person, in 360 comments & messages, Facebook comments & messages, e-cards, YM offlines, or SMS, I got them all!

My warm hugs to all of you who have spent so much time preparing those birthday gifts for me … It’s the thoughts behind each gift that matter more to me than the gifts themselves …

What can I say now …. This is simply the coolest birthday I’ve ever had …

6/9: Pre-birthday KTV session

Singing la la la

Tinh tinh tang tangMeow

WIth the twin kats
Only one person knows why I insisted on taking pictures with these two kit kats …

7/9 – afternoon: While Mi was busy with the logistics of my bday celebration surprise, I was busy with ….

AhahAbout to jump

Jump high

Buoi said this pic is very Yo-most … haha …

Me and Mi when she got back from town …

By the sea

This tiny little place by the beach looks so much like Văn Thánh …


7/9 – evening: A farewell to Buoi and an early bday celebration for me …

The flowers were similar …


… but the gifts were different in size … and that was why Buoi and I had to solve the math this way … Oẳn tù xì … Pomp … I knocked Buoi off on the second count …

Oan tu xi

Me – unwrapping the smaller gift – and Buoi – the bigger one … The bigger gift went to the loser, that’s why …

Unwrapping Unwrapping

I’m glad Buoi got the “Good luck” four-leaf clover pillow as that’s exactly what we wish for her … As for me, the softie bear was good enough …


We were the happiest girls of the night


With Mi – the logistics girl … Thank you Tô Mi and anh Khoa very much for everything …

The celebration

Presents and Cards

Me – reading sweet words from my team members

Birthday wishes

8/9: I came to the office to pick up my sunglasses and found these flowers on my desk … No cards or greetings attached, which got me a little confused … Was it for my birthday? I watered the flowers before I left – hoping that they would be able to survive til Mon.

My corner

Lovely flowers from unknown sender

10/9: Though the sender left no words, I was pretty sure these orchids and lilies were for my birthday as they were delivered right in the morning of 8/9. I’ve been guessing hard who could be the sender. I even asked those who were in the office that morning if they happened to see the deliveryman. Still, I got no clue … I guess somebody wanted to give me a big surprise, and they did it very well … This picture is for you, secret sender!

To top this up, B&B surprised me with these sweet roses … B&B, my colleagues thought you were my secret admirer … And I had to reveal to them that B&B are two people of two different sexes … ^_^ … I don’t know if you wanna reveal yourself here so I’ll leave it up to you … Btw, this is the text message that you didn’t receive “Oh my goodness, the flowers are gorgeous … Thanks a great big bunch, babe! You’ve brightened up my day” … Next time, if you change your cell phone, better update me lah …

25th Bday Flowers

P.S: If you think that I should go back to my tra
ditional long and simple hairstyle, think no more … I’m growing my hair long now



  1. wow, sinh nhat hoanh trang wa nhén! vay la vui wa roi phai hong ba ban gia!! 🙂

  2. Chu choa hoa lan dep. wa’! Nhin hinh thay ban Thanh tre? ma~i ko gia`, nga`y ca`ng nhi’ nha?nh => chi’n pha^?y na(m! Nam sau van tre? trung nhu the na`y se duoc 10 luon =))

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, ban Thanh!!! Looks like you had a wonderful and really fun birthday. All the best to come in the next year nhe!!!!

  4. Btw I still prefer your shorter hairstyle, looks more “nang dong” hehe

  5. Happie Belated Birthday:)

  6. Ui, tro^ng va^~n co`n nhi’ nhanh cha’n. Du’ng la` mo^.t cam gia’c ra^’t Yomost, hehe =))

  7. tinh noi happy belated bdayma co ng xi trc roi. Thoi thi chuc cho nam sau va nhiu nhiu nam sau do nua nha
    btw, ban da 25 roi sao? keu chi nha??? keke

  8. tiec la OMO team ko co o nha de celebrate cho chi rui :(.
    Nhin ai cung xinh tuoi ghe. Chi Thanh dieu wa, di choi ma thay trang phuc lien tuc

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