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Yayyyyy, I got the song …. Wait a minute … “My life is saved” isn’t the song title … My computer wouldn’t display those Chinese characters. Even if it would, I wouldn’t understand a word. The 4-word comment is actually for me cos after reading the previous entry, my Nic-Tse-fanatic friend decided to save my life by sending the mp3 along … She forgot that I first heard this song at her place some 6 or 7 years ago … I wonder if she still remembers that she even recorded it in a CD and sent it all the way from the US to Thailand for me 5 years ago …

Here it is … A song by Nic Tse (link) … If you understand the lyrics and are kind enough to be the first one to translate it into English or Vietnamese, I’ll take you out for dinner when I’m back from Beijing.



  1. ha, co dzu send cd hu, hic.. sao tao ko nho.. nhung hinh nhu co chut an tuong.. hehe

  2. Just remember that. I will go to Vietnam to get my treat. HAHA. NO, NO, just kidding. But, I have an idea. How about if I need some Vietnamese recipes, translate back to me. I will appreciate it. HAHA.

  3. 如果只得一星期
    无论地球是怎么转 我亦爱不完 能来自你的什么东西 也留恋 面容是否冰冷 双手总是暖 无论岁月长短 能抱住便嫌短
    *如果只的一星期 宁愿哪日放开你 以后会更回味 哪个角度凝望你 留住那段晨曦 哪一种方法喜欢你*
    无论话题是否吸引 我亦觉感人 而名字换了 什么称呼也动心 嘴角是否亲吻 心声一样近 无论哪样原因 仍会这样情深
    (重复*)如果只的一天依恋你 宁愿看着哪出戏 要在哪里转机 哪里雪地陪伴你 才另以后提起 连呼吸都变冷空气
    The name of this song is ‘if only have one week with you’
    The lyric:
    I love all the things belong to you. The face is cool, but the hands are always warm. I always feel time flies when I have you.
    If we only can be together for a week, I would let you go one day. But, I will always remember those day we are together. That is another to show you I love you.
    Whether the topic we talking about is interesting or not, I will want to listen. Whatever your name is, I still love you. We are not kissing, but I still feel close to you. Whatever will happend, I will still love you for ever.
    If we only can be together one day, I will prefer to see a movie, or go somewhere need to change airplane, or go somewhere having snow. Later, when I will think of you, I could feel some cold air around me.

  4. Maggie: Thank you soooooooooooo much! Errrr, you’re half the globe away … how can I treat you to dinner now 😛

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