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Tags: love, english

Thursday October 4, 2007 – 08:31pm (ICT)



  1. hinh nay nhin art nhi.. kaka..

  2. trong dep ac

  3. em xinh em dung 1 minh cang xinh! Somewhere, somewhen will come the right one. So keep smiling, keep going, babe!

  4. Why not? So many guys are queuing for you out their girl…just turn your head a bit and look around babe:)

  5. Cong nhan tam hinh nay nhin rat dep… kinda relaxing but kinda sad in some ways huh? ^_^

  6. @ All: Thanks for the comments! I was gonna pose for a proper shot when something caught my attention and I looked down instead of looking straight at the camera. Didn’t expect my colleague to capture that very moment so well.

    @ littlegirl: Pat me if you see any of those many guys …

    @ Na: The sadness is undeniably there …

  7. Be strong girl. Everything will be ok… Time will heal even the deepest wound my dear.

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