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Scooter hottie … I’m not talking about me, eh …..

Do I look like I know how to ride this scooter PROPERLY?
Oh yeah, baby ….


Nah ah …


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Thursday October 11, 2007 – 09:13pm (ICT)



  1. xe to wa cung.. Anyway thi cung dep ngang ngua xe chi ay chu 😉

  2. It should be: If you were mine.. Motorbike, you can be the one to make me feel alrite.. Motorbike
    And becareful here: With your love I can fly.. so high…

  3. doubt that u can… start it 😛

  4. @ C. Phương: Chị khéo khen em thế 😛

    @ C. Ánh: *_*

    @ Cú: Grrrr …. Just wait until I have more votes casted and you’ll know the truth.

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