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With Tee and Ngoc back then (29/10/2005) …..

Dam cuoi Ngoc

And with chi Han now (12/10/2007) … Btw, chi Han’s been giving private dance lessons for the past 20 years … Thanks to her, my Salsa isn’t too bad


And with the notty Salsa bros and sis …






  1. woah! Awesome! But hey, are u a bridemaid AGAIN??

  2. I was a guest MC this time *_* … You know I don’t believe in what they say about bridesmaids and their bad luck of love … I can’t say no when dear friends need help …

  3. They are cute but definitely not the most comfy shoes I’ve ever had. Looking good can be quite painful sometimes šŸ˜›

  4. shoes co ve cute em a… hom nao close up nhe!

  5. hey nho? Chi Han mac ao cuoi do dep wa hen. Khi nao di hoc salsa, cho chi gui loi chuc mung den chi Han…Hai anh chi dep doi wa. Em nhi cung xinh ghe. Ah, ma ne. Hom do em co bieu dien salsa ko the?

  6. Chi Hien lam em mac co qua di mat. Em double spin 2 lan da muon te chui nhui roi thi lam sao dam bieu dien truoc dam dong. Chua ke doi giay em mang hom do cao chot vot, kho ma quay cho dung duoc. Muc tieu hoc Salsa cua em la de van dong co the va xa stress thui, chi gai oi. Em khong dam treo cao dau, hihi.

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