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So my dearie friend in Singapore blogged about Salsa and Swensen’s and I swear she could kill me from afar with such an entry (link) Can’t wait to fully recover from last weekend’s sickness and indulge myself in this sinful pleasure again. If only we got Swensen’s here cos it obviously is much more yummie than BUD’s! If only I could eat Swensen’s everyday and fear not of obesity. Gosh, yummie ice cream and fresh chocolate are always at the top of my all time favorite list. Hoiiii, I’m drooling already!

Btw, Gloria Jeans’ hot chocolate drink sucks big time and Givral’s chocolate choux cream is so worth the walk from Brodard and of course the price markup, too. Hey, my appetite is back!



  1. hehe, may lam tao cam thay do toi loi khi xoi 2 phan kem nhu the! O nha` co Swensen hop ko may? Neu ko co thi may nghi cach gi de tao co the smuggle no ve cho may di 😀 (abt 6hr out of the fridge!!)

  2. ah, cho’ng khoe lai nhe em iu! Benh gi ma ko salsa dc thi gay go qua do!

  3. Tran trong thong bao toi hom qua em Thanh da tro ve voi san Salsa roi nha em Van!

  4. Hoi xua o VN co Swensen’s hop nhung ma kem hop khong co nhieu flavors va cung khong ngon bang kem ban theo scoop dau … oe oe ….

  5. po tay 2 em nay luon..

  6. tao co cach roi, lan sau tao se do’ng ma`y vao vali dem sang day cho an kem den dong da’ luon >:)

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