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I am
a chocolate lover
a pillow cuddler
a bike speeder
a bathroom singer
a high-energy traveler
a flat shoes wearer
a supportive team player
a self-motivated Salsera
a caring friend
& a sensitive girlfriend

I’m a perfectionist
But I am never a perfect girl
I’m quite photogenic
But I’m not a pretty girl
I get grumpy at times
But that’s how Virgoans are
Really, I haven’t changed much
Ever since I could remember

And what also hasn’t changed
Is the love that all my dearies
Have for me
…. For just being me

* Nhân 1 dịp nhận được lời cảm ơn có 4 chữ “vì” làm mình vừa ngạc nhiên vừa cảm động lắm lắm.



  1. is said “The way we/you are” popular? I just finished reading one book named “The Way We WERE”. The music is familiar. Is she a HK singer again?

  2. Maggie, the artist is Susan Wong. She was born in Hongkong, and grew up in Sydney since the age of 7.

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