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“Alert! The 11th floor is full of gas. You’d better leave the building”

My workstation is right below the reportedly gas-filled floor. Make a wild guess how many minutes I actually spent thinking if this was a joke and if I should suspend all my work and rush for dear life. My stubbornness and stupidity managed to keep me standing in my corner for almost 5 minutes before I decided to grab my bag, convinced my team members to leave, and head towards the fire exit. Still there was no official alarm on the building’s speaker system. Where the heck are the guards? A few colleagues joined me and Giang on the way down – One of them is pregnant – She really didn’t need moments like this. The staircase from the 5th floor to the ground floor seemed endless. I finally got out of the building’s car park and saw lots of other colleagues walking out from the lobby. They had taken the elevators. Ahh, I’d rather run, climb or jump than get stuck in the elevator if something had happened.

I met my line manager at the bike park, and he admitted that we really should have left our cubicle right after we heard the news. Thanh, next time, make sure your stubbornness and stupidity sleep well in emergency cases like this. Thank God nothing happened to any of us, otherwise, we may not live to wish that we had taken things more seriously.



  1. chi gan wa, em thay moi nguoi chay ma em thi bi nget mui nen ko ngui thay khi gas ro lam nhung cung chay luon. hehe. Nhung em luoi, chay bang thang may,nghi rang, thoi ke, chet co so, chet luc sung suong thi tot hon chet vi het hoi chay bo. hehe

  2. choy babe be careful

  3. Not be joking in these emergency like this. Safe is better….Take care!

  4. Thanh oi la Thanh o Viet Nam mat bo moi lo lam chuong, no ma da la lang la biet co chuyen thiet rui, tau vi thuong sach. Ma vay la chi Thanh chua co drill lan nao sao? Ben day may cao oc van phong deu drill it nhat 1 thang 1 lan de tap fan xa cho moi nguoi trong may tinh huong nhu vay.

  5. vay ma co ng con can dam di elevator moi ghe chu! may ng do con kha hon bà do!

  6. @ All: Cám ơn bà con đã quan tâm. Lần sau em xin hứa sẽ không cứng đầu và dại dột như vậy nữa.

    @ Mắm: Tao làm việc ở tầng 10 – hôm qua đi bộ xuống cả 10 tầng. Chỉ là từ tầng 5 xuống đất thì cầu thang nhỏ hơn. Có thêm 1 chị bầu đi chung thì thấy hồi hộp hơn.

    @ Em Vịt: Lúc có fire drill, bảo vệ thông báo tưng bừng trên hệ thống loa trung tâm – Không bỏ chạy và không xài thang bộ cũng không được. Hôm qua không có miếng báo động khẩn nào cả. Chỉ có bà con lầu 11 báo động cho mấy lầu khác thôi.

  7. thuong qua… thoi leo 5 tang lau de keep fit cung tot 🙂 Kho than may nguoi o tang 11.

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