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The below entry was written by B&B – my very best friend since mid school time.

I’m thankful for … (link)

Thanksgiving has come and gone .. but i just now finish what i meant to write for that day.. i’m thankful for so many things and many people in my life

First and foremost: i’m thankful for my parents .. although they always drag me in to be the referee whenever they argue (which usually results in me getting too frustrated and be mad at them both so they would forget about arguing with each other .. ) they’re totally devoted to me, spoil me, and love me more than anything in this world.. i’m very very thankful for them.. they’re the best parents one could ask for.

I’m thankful for my honey.. he’s everything i’ve ever dreamt of (believe me i have dreamt plenty).. he’s my prince charming straight out of a fairy book .. i saw a discussion a while ago about if you have married your Mcdreamy or your “George” (if you watch grey’s u’ll know what i mean) Mcdreamy is soooo dreamy (dah) almost too hot to handle, he’s your lover.. George is just the average guy but caring and sweet and totally devoted to you.. he’s your best friend.. my honey is my mcdreamy (because he’s that hot ) and also my george (well, if you know us at all i don’t need to say more).. I feel very very lucky to have him in my life..

I’m thankful for my future parents-in-law .. they are amazing.. they spoil me as much as my parents do, and *almost* as much as Mike does.. Whenever we go somewhere, my comfort, my reference come first.. in the middle of a small town in Oregon, they still managed to get me my favorite chocolate, and if i happen to mention how much i like certain food, they will make sure we always have plenty in the house.. from papaya to home-made swedish cake to … u name it.. and of course i’m especially thankful for them because they raised a wonderful son for me

I’m thankful for all my friends.. believe it or not they spoil me too.. I have a lot of friends, but not many best friends, because i believe best friends are the ones that understand you, love you unconditionally.. the ones you can trust completely and always have your back.. I’m thankful for Thanh (x 2) , Meo, Nikki, Ga` con, Ly, kiddo, and…. (seriously i can’t name you all) thank u for loving me, spoiling me, and letting me be the bossy gal (the role i’m just too well trained for) .. I’m also thankful for my cousins (Le & N to be specific) because i wouldn’t get through certain times without you.

And I’m especially thankful for my very very best friend. I don’t have any sibling, and she’s always been like a sister to me .. i love her so much, and i don’t know how but she always manages to keep up with my tantrums. She’s the only one i can share everything with.. she knows how difficult my life has been even when I tried to show a happy face to the world.. and let’s not forget the spoiling.. i hope she doesn’t get sick of spoiling me (chuoi chien @10pm) because i’m loving it ..

There are so many things to be thankful for.. i just embrace my life, the good and bad.. the bad because it made me stronger .. and hey who don’t have ups and downs in their lives.. I don’t have a perfect life, maybe.. *almost* perfect, but everything comes to me in the extreme.. either very good or very bad… and i’ve survived them .. i’m very proud of myself but i’m mostly proud of the “support team” i have..

So thank you thank you everyone.. just remember this (or save it or print it so you won’t forget) whenever i turn on the bitchy mode, please forgive me, as you always do!




  1. u certainly spoil her!

  2. “SHE” certainly deserves it.. hehe

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