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The festive season is here, yet I know this is gonna be a quiet Xmas.

Sunday before Christmas Eve – streets in downtown are 24/7 packed up and well-lit, esp Le Loi and Dong Khoi – Heineken and Vinamilk know very well how to prove they are the BIG ones in town eh. And though I got my Sony pet pet with me at home while mom and dad are away, I’m still feeling kinda low these days. My week-long coughing is dying out and the great news is that I needed no anti-biotics whatsoever.

In the course of my sickness, I got 2 gifts: One is a translated version of “Born for love” – a farewell gift from my big boss who’s gonna take up a more senior position in U early next year. The other is a colorful flowery dress from Nàng Boutique by Saigon Chic. A bit pricey for one single item in my own standard, Hà ạ! But the boutique is uniquely Saigon Chic, and I truly believe your biz will bloom next year.

Girls, check out Nàng Boutique if you’re in town (181 Đồng Khởi – 2nd Fl – R. 209). Lots of good stuff for us girls! Here’s the link to “Nàng Boutique” group on Facebook: (

Too bad I couldn’t attend dOsE Xmas night @ La Fenetre last Friday. Chị Nam said it was a blast. I’ll definitely make up for it next time dOsE comes around. I also missed 3 consecutive Salsa lessons on Mondays and 1 Salsa night last Thursday. Too sick to salsa, hmmmm. And I’ll have to wait for another 2 weeks until my Salsa class resumes and I can dance again.

I’m not very excited it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow – yeah yeah I’m getting old or I’m only talking as if I were as old as my 93-year-old grandpa. I’m more excited about my 3-day trip to Hà Giang. 3 days left before I get going. Hopefully, I won’t freeze up there!

And to you who’s still reading this entry to this very line: Thanks for doing so! I hope you enjoy reading my this-and-that and I wish you a merry Christmas (make sure you celebrate it in a less quiet way than I do ) and a happy new year, too!



  1. ui gioi, merry xmas em iu..

  2. yup, the older we grow, the less excited we are about holidays!!! so sad, rit??? Merry Xmas anyway….

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