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The temperature in Hà Giang may be as low as 9 degree Celsius later this week. Dah!

Let’s see what I have just put inside my luggage: 4 sweaters – which Diệu Anh was kind enough to fetch all the way to Zen Plaza for me, 4 pairs of jeans, and a black coat which had been lying untouched in my closet since its purchase.

Diệu Anh is 1.72m, I am 1.63m – the sweaters fit me perfectly. But will they be enough to put me through the 3-day trip to the furthest end of Vietnam? I’m not sure! As bad as it can get, I’d freeze myself up there wishing hard to have my 37-degree coat beside me.

The thought of traveling again is pretty exciting though I don’t know what Hà Giang has for me. Some fog or too much fog? Great scenery? Yes yes yes if the sky is clear. Great mountain’s food? Hopefully. Lots of laughters? Now these are guaranteed, given the presence of all of us.

Til I come back with a picture update, here’s some L.O.V.E for all of you. Oh well, I call this time of year the season of love. Spare February 14th cos it has been too commercialized – Now is the time to fall in love. Soooooo, let’s love and be loveable, dearies!



  1. have fun babe

  2. u know, a 37o coat is a real luxury!!!

  3. can’t wait to see you wrapped up in layers like a polar bear 😀

  4. gooood soooongg !! chuc T nam moi vui ve ha!

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