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So many things have changed since the Webster kids left WUT (either upon graduation or transfer to other countries) and Enid and Steve eventually decided to move to Bosnia for a year or so. What does not change is their forever healthy look, warm enthusiastic hearts, and the promise to stay in touch with us students. Send them a mail of appreciation or even a hate mail, you know you will get their reply one day (if not immediately). The students are simply too happy to receive them in the fast-developing Ho Chi Minh city. (Okie, for goodness sake, no debate on the word choice pls!)

With the Spielman

Steve is still the same “dominating” one

Enid & me

The Spielman & the Webster kids

The Spielman & the Webster kids

Btw, my lovely flowery dress is from “Nàng” boutique. Though I look like a walking vase of flowers in a way, the dress suits me perfectly, Hà ạ!



  1. They look the same…in the photos, I knew many people, but I can not tell who they are…^_^

  2. Hey, I was looking for their contact as I miss them. If you have their contact, could you please drop me a line to Thank you so much!

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