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My most favorite shot inside Castalia.

@ Castalia

The round-faced me

@ Castalia

In Hai Phong

Hai Phong lake

Truc Bach Lake in Ha Noi

Truc Bach lake

My coolest Sword Lake pix

The sword lake in Hanoi

Dear Heo & Cu’n, this is the bean bag that I wanted on my bday. The sales assistant in Vincom said that Rosano @ Melinh Point in Saigon has it, too.

Rosano bean bag

Vespa ride in front of U’s new homebase.

Unilever Homebase - bikes in line

My new workstastion – Only now did I realize that everything was so orangy, including the mini Omo Tet welcome gate

New workstation

With Mi outside Diamond Plaza

With Mi @ Cathedral Church



  1. găng tay ở Trúc Bạch xinh nhỉ ;-?

  2. Hi. Hinh de thuong qua. Congratulations. 😉

  3. congrat for the new work place .

  4. Cam on ban Thang, chi Phuong va anh Duy da ghe tham blog em. Van phong moi cua cong ty xa lac xa lo nen em cung khong ham cho lam.

  5. ua? may chuyen ra Ha Noi lam roi ah Thanh? Bat ngo the? Lai con an tet o ngoai Ha noi nua ah???

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