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Grammy Awards 2008 live on StarWorld. Any cable channels are coming out clear but this channel! Good reason to get mad. Extremely good, actually!

I’m listening to the ceremony (nope, you didn’t get it wrong, I’m LISTENING and not watching) while chatting with my best friend who’s on call and in bed half the globe away from me. If your mind starts wandering, stop! My friend is in the hospital and she’s not quite busy with the patients at the moment.

Anyway, my 5th day of Tet started late as I woke up around 9:30AM. This is my last extravagance as work resumes in 3 days. From tmr, i’ll practise waking up before 7AM. Otherwise, I’ll miss the company bus when my leave is over.

Amy Winehouse just won the Best Record of the year award. Cool voice, British accent! But her appearance is extremely weird – she looks like an alcoholic to me.

7pm: watching Grammy again on another TV. The images come out much better this time. The charming talented Alicia Keys won an award for her No One song. Pretty face! She looked most stunning in that revealing green dress. Ah, my fav artist & my fav color. Green is my fav color as you can already tell from the look of this page itself.



  1. She is indeed alcoholic and drug addictive! you are observed.

  2. i thought your fav color was blue as daddy’s.. and mine is green as mommy’s

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