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The good news is Urko’s back and new Salsa lessons start next week. You can always visit Salsaigon’s page for the latest schedule & more:

More good news! Roland – Dr. Salsa (who got a Ph.D degree in law and is into Salsa dance. What a combo!) – is coming back to Saigon and giving his 2nd Salsa workshop on March 1 @ Arena.

I should agree with Urko that Salsa is really here to stay! I took my first Salsa lesson in Feb last year, and my love for this Latin dance has been burning strong ever since. Wow, it’s been a year! Still very little compared to Frederique’s 8 years and Urko’s 7 years of experience. Fred says we’ll be true masters when it hits the 10th anniversary of our Salsa experience. Long way to go!

This is the pix of the Salsa gang on V’s Day. Too many females! Cos the few male members were engaged in romantic celebrations with their dearies that night. Til we’ve got ours, let’s just enjoy dancing!

2008 VDay Salsa Night

I should post up the pix of myself dancing Salsa? I actually have none cos no one looks good while dancing – Salsa is fast-paced and people dancing Salsa end up looking blurry in pictures. It’s better to pose this way, hehe.

Bonus excerpt:

“Saigon, the Next Salsa Capital in Asia

It is difficult to explain the reasons why a country stands out for an activity. Sometimes the factors are very surprising. For example, Thailand has become a world destination for the manufacture of salsa and latin music percussion instruments such as bongos, congas, maracas and claves. The reason? Abundance of gum trees and skilled wood carvers. India is emerging as a power house of salsa dance. The reasons? Influence of bollywood and a culture of creativity and inovation. Korea is making the difference as a country of salsa talents. The reasons? The natural grace of Korean women and the ability of Korean people to take artistic challenges. I gave a workshop in Saigon last week. I was surprised. So many young people were capable of performing the art of salsa dance with elegance and ease. There was something special in their capability to absorb the essence of salsa. With their great leaders working together, there is no doubt, Saigon is the next salsa capital in Asia.




  1. bay h chac ban i dance xịn lam roi hen!! hihi

  2. ma sao cac cô xinh tươi thế này lai di V’s day chung nhi!?!? Salsa đầy mình, hot gần chet! tính cho mấy a thèm chảy nc mieng huh?! hehe

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