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brought me more lucky money

Lucky money from chi Han

And a great evening to dance away with the Salsa family @ chi Han & anh Sinh’s cozy place

Salsa dance @ chi Han's place

Ahh, no one looks blurry in this picture cos em Thuy knew very well when to capture our movements See the girl in white? That’s me!

If you wonder where my high-heels are gone, wonder no more! Miles, anh Quan, and I would rather dance with our socks on while em Thuy preferred wearing chi Han’s slippers, and chi Phuong & anh Quynh had their shoes on. Off the wooden dance floor, socks are the best shoes!

Btw, any wise and practical observer will understand that dance partners do not equal boyfriend-girlfriend unless the two are always side by side on and off the dance floor! So make no assumption yah.

To Si, Lan, Linh, Tam and those who want to learn Salsa:

You don’t need any dance experience to get started. All you need is your passion and commitment. New classes start from Feb 18. Read on …

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Urko Masse <>
Date: Feb 17, 2008 1:01 AM
Subject: New courses start! Register for Workshop with Roland, Dr. Salsa!
To: SalSaigon News <>

Hello everyone,

Lessons in La Habana and Arena start this week

Tomorrow Monday and Tuesday is the start of the new courses, so if you are interested, come to check it out.

Arena: LA Style with Urko

Mondays, 19:30 Intermediate, 20:30 Advanced.

La Habana: LA Style Beginners and Cuban Style with Frederique

Tuesdays, 19:30 LA Style Beginners, 20:30 Cuban Style

Pre-register now for the workshop with Roland, Dr. Salsa on March 1st

On March 1st we will celebrate a Salsa party at Arena.
20:30 to Midnight, as previous parties.

19:00 to 20:00: Salsa workshop for Intermediate-Advanced dancers.
You all know him from the last party, so by now you all know this is definitely worth it.
Here is the planned content for the workshop:
– Salsa cool moves including / Mambo shines / hand shines / shoulder shines /
– Multiple turns and Spins
– Dips and drops

I know that I will be joining it!!!
Please let us know if you are interested, to get an idea of the amount of people that will join.

See you soon!

Urko Masse



  1. Chọc tao hả Mắm. Viết ra để những người thực sự quan tâm hiểu thêm về Salsa và những người đam mê nó. Ai không cần hiểu hoặc không muốn hiểu thì tao cũng không quan tâm hơn vậy đâu à.

  2. co’ ai hoi? dau tu nhien lai phai pha^n bua bf-gf hehehe

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