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Thank you, Van & Hoang, for this wonderful entry!


… and innocent, and “super ngo^'” looking…

When we posed for model-like shoots in our … sleep wear…

When we fought each other for a teddy bear…

When we dressed up real nice for someone else’s Graduation or for … just going to a club…

When we did not have famous friend like L’Oreal, Channel, Clinics… (mat mun khong)
When everybody was everybody’s best friend …

When we were totally guilty of “wiping our hands” on every single flowered skirt we saw on the streets of Huahin…
When we thought Shopping Mall was amazing…
When we whispered to ourselves that Big C is so big for us to cover everywhere…
When we were everything and nothing we are now.

Biggest salute to everyone who belongs to the time period that I consider one of best and most memorable in my life.

By: Van&Hoang



  1. Feel the same way about living in HH, although I was not in your group. It was a wonderful time in life. Thanks for putting it to here.

  2. Hé hé trông chi nai ơ quá ^.^ Chả giống bi giờ rì cạ 😛 j/k Da đep!

  3. hehe dong dzui nhi

  4. chời ơi.. hu hu.. hic hic.. nhớ mọi người quá! Em email cho chị mấy tấm graduation được ko? thanks!

  5. nhớ VIP quá đi thôi

  6. Nhin Thanh ngay xua cung khong khac bay gio may, nhung Lien Chi thi trong ngay xua nhi’ qua, hihihi.

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