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Not even for those that are designed to provide extra comfort. Sigh …

Admittedly, I look better with heels. Who wouldn’t? Plus, I can’t do Salsa multiple spins, which can be fairly easy with heels. But would I trade off a silent back pain, a weaker heart and the feeling of walking on stilts for a sexier look? Ohhh nooo – conservatively and contentedly.

Next time my fashionista friend complains about me wearing flat sandals as I Salsa, I’ll dance on



  1. me 2. Dun know why I can’t wear heel 😦 . Poor me! Poor my “height”

  2. Hey, be grateful that at least you can afford not to wear heels. Not like somebody else… huhu.

  3. chi Thanh, check this out:
    These are not just regular insoles but they’re designed to shift your weight back to your heels so you feel comfortable longer.
    Hong biet o VN co ban 0, nhung ma chi co the order online. Em sap ve VN roi do, co gi xach ve dum cho hehe.

  4. … ballerina queen :)…

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