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Taken in Terrace – last Sunday AM
Mixed fruit candy cake as called in the store next door.
Taste: Yummieeeee ummmmieeeeee

Dear Hươu ki ki,

Every time I order this sinful pleasure, I always think of you and how we kept making the same mistake again and again

Paris Deli – one late afternoon

T: Let’s share one, okie?
Hươu: Alright.

5 minutes later

Hươu (calling to the waiter): Can I have another one, pls?
T: Haizzz, we broke our words. But yeah, it’s simply irresistible.

Okie girl, you probably need some facial tissue by now.

Don’t get mad! The whole cake is right here waiting for you. So come back soooooon

Your best friend T.



  1. ahhhh i’m gonna killl uuu for posting this.. oe oe.. how i miss that cake.. hic..

  2. a ha did you take the pic? didnt’t realise…..not a fan but it looks great on the pic….

  3. @ Hươu em: …… 😛
    @ Ann: The credits go to my phone ah

  4. not that into cakes now ‘coz I’m almost rolling already! hichic

  5. hey, where to get the best cake (western style) in SG? cheers

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