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8 days to go til month end, but June has already been an exciting month with lots of surprises:

That I dance Salsa and write blogs regularly defines me in a more interesting way than I thought.

Social networks bring immense opportunities.

My best friend bought me a Venice mask, my childhood friend misses me from the other side of the globe, an SMS from Spain woke me up at 4:59 AM, my 13-year-old little cousin told me to get married, my grandmother told me to take it slow and easy, my mother refers to me as “the daughter who’s turning 30”. Sweet!

Dermalogica, multivitamins, Yakult & home-made Kefir boost my health & beauty. Thank you, mom!

I’m turning 26 in less than 3 months & I’m mentally ready for the next big things.



  1. June is great, chị nhỉ 😉

  2. WOW, WOW, I felt sour when you talk about “being not married.”. You talk like an old lady. Come on, girl. Just turning 26. What a big deal!! You are still a youngster. This world is so big. There are so many things for you to explore. Go wild!! HAHA!!!:P

  3. Blogs are regular enough, but I miss your lengthy emotional version of blogs… Nowadays you’ve become so brief, just like me 🙂

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