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I’m so snail-butter-dress-cream cake-letter-sugar high (if that even makes sense at all)

My partner in crime (well, in all of the above mentioned crimes except for the letter thingy) is this one friend – the only daughter of this amateur U50 artist whose paintings always stunned me everytime I visited their house.

Here’s her latest award-winning work of arts. It certainly looks better outside, and what I got here is the best a phone camera can do.


Why am I so high?

Here are the answers in no particular order:

I look fit. My discipline paid off eh
The artist’s daughter got me 5 super lovely dresses and a Venice mask.
I posted the letters with my signatures.
I had bread with my fav dish: “Ốc bông xào bơ”
We ordered that almond cake in Terrace
I encouraged a friend to keep chasing after the girl of his heart.
I made my point crystal clear in a text sms: “I deserve …”

The kid from “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” would describe today as “an extremely good day”, hehe.



  1. cai nay mom cua Thuy ve huh?!

  2. woah, mom cua Thuy ve dep qua! Hen gi co me^ may cai museum ben DC du vay!!

  3. Tac pham cua me Thuy do. Sanh dieu chua!

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