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1- The news was made official. I already start missing my Unilever colleagues.

2- Misunderstanding was resolved & flight tickets canceled.

3- I’m addicted to “Sữa Ong Chúa Vitamin C” now. A yummie cost-effective alternative to my daily vitamin C intake. There’s a common misperception that “Sữa Ong Chúa Vitamin C” is for kids only. One doesn’t need to be under 10 to appreciate that sweet n sour taste eh!

4- I’d better off be chubby the way I am. Why worry about weight when there’s only 50-60 years left to enjoy life. So love me, love my chubbiness.

“God, if you can’t make me thin, please make all my friends fat”

5- Our childhood favorite “Kem chuối” is now marketed as “Banana on a stick” (How cool!) and widely sold @ Eden Mall. A traditional product – an innovative format. Its expiry date is 6 months from production date (Wow!) And the price is not any less innovative: 15,000 VND/stick. Dahhhh! So long to the 1,000 VND kem chuối of the old days!

6- These reviews make me wanna go to Bangkok again. Kid thung muong Thai mak mak na ka!



  1. Always love u the way u r now, my little chubby cutie sis :x)

  2. oh.The 5-7 la sinh nhat ban Thanh a?Neu dung thi happy belated birthday nha.Cheers

  3. Em gái: Chụt chụt
    Tâm: Bà nói entry trước hả? Hihihi, 2 tháng nữa mới tới SN tui, giờ rảnh rỗi nên viết wish list trước á 😛

  4. Thanh ui, to thich nhat point No. 4 & 5 🙂 Ghe tham blog Thanh bj cung co cai hay nhi?
    Point No.1, Thanh se chuyen di dau ah? Best luck with your change nhe!

  5. so what happened to “Banana on a stick” at Diamond Plaza? It was still 2,000 dong in Jan. At 15,000 dong, I’d rather be eating Hotdog on a stick!

  6. ôi, my ‘kem chuối’! Minh la fan lắm, nhung ma thích chạy ra cái xe kem ở góc hẻm hơn T ui! hihi

  7. @ Ngoc: The old school “banana on a stick” is still being sold at Diamond Plaza. Still 2000-3000VND/stick.

    @ Mi: Eden Mall o ngay ben canh nha sach Xuan Thu tren duong Dong Khoi. Mi di bo doc theo do se thay cai tu? kem “Banana on a stick”, hehe. Thanh thi van thich kem chuoi o Diamond Plaza minimart o tang 3, hay tang 4 gi do hon. Giong kem chuoi thuo au tho.

  8. @ Na: SN tao la thang 9 co ma.

  9. M co 2 comments:
    1. Eden Mall la o dau? Chinh xac la` cho nao ban kem chuoi the?
    2. Uoc gi God la`m M fat ;p!

  10. nothing is wrong with a little more meat on your body . At least, you will be warm in the winter.

  11. News gi vay em? Lau wa tao khong surf blog nen chang update info gi het…BTW…happy belated birthday..Sang day van khong thay green roses bao gio..khong biet sao kiem duoc cho may day!!

  12. Hic…sorrie…ngay thang dao lon het tron… Tao dang depressed…May nghi U roi di dau em?

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