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Okie …. alright … I admit …. hmmm, either my chubbiness is hidden extremely well in this dress or the picture is simply deceiving ….



  1. ồ ôi đẹp quá chị ôi 😡

  2. rang di, chung nao ban Q ve, chac ban T con tăng chubby hon nua ah! khakha

  3. whatever assumption is right! I have to admit … you look nice!

  4. cute ma….nice dress….maybe different heels but…good…where to buy? hehe

  5. arrrrrrrr, purple!!!

  6. @ Quyen: O ho, sap co chocolate
    @ Ann: I rarely do heels eh
    @ Bi, Cu’ & Miu: Thank you, chu.t chu.t

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