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Day 1: Sunny Vinpearl


Bumper car ride with my Customer Marketing brothers and sisters. Some of them rode bumper cars for the first time in their life. Better late than never


Night 1: Celebs on a red carpet: Welcome to Customer Marketing award ceremony 2008!


Proudly introduce my beloved team: me – anh Khoa – Míbebe. These two unique talents make the best teammates I’ve ever had. Beyond the boundary of work relationships, our friendship blossoms.

Oralcare sisters on the red carpet


& the cheering crowd


“And the awards go to …”


7 trophies for 7 winners. This Best Practice Re-Application trophy added some more sweetness to my U memories.

In a hotel called Sunrise


we sang and danced heartily


I’m so humble to be part of such a young & dynamic Customer Marketing team.


Day 2: On our way to Đầm Bấy island


Feared no sun when the sea looked its best and the jet ski so inviting.


Volley-water-ball. This is the undefeatable team.


Night 2: BBQ & “Say you say me” session by the fire. We watched the full moon rise from the mountain range. Beautiful & peaceful!


Unexpectedly, we had to stay overnight in Đầm Bấy island – we wouldn’t want to risk our lives traveling back to the shore as the storm was getting near. Some would have to borrow clean clothes from others as they already wet their only clothes. Some intended to play Killer til the morning dawned. Some were gonna sleep in the sleeping bags, some on the chairs, wishing they were sleeping on the hotel beds instead.

Luckily, that was purely hypothetical. There was no storm, and we didn’t have to spend the night on the island. For 15 minutes, we panicked inside imagining how we would make it through the night. But then, the thought of being among such a big group of colleagues was comforting enough. If we had stayed over, this trip would have been even more memorable.

And we went sailing back – singing and dancing non-stop on the deck til we reached the shore.


Day 3: We were going to visit an open house near S.O.S village. As we prepared our gifts, we made such a mess of the luggage storage area.



As we left the open house, we were glad we warmed some hearts cos open houses like this one never received the kind of public attention that S.O.S villages did. Btw, S.O.S villages are too well taken care of – they look like bungalows in a seaside resort. We were thankful and lucky cos we have a family to fall back on and we were not born with any defects. But we could never feel right about the tragic past stories of all the people that we met. Sighhhh.

After an early dinner, we were ready to go back home. It was the longest train ride ever. If it wasn’t my last trip with U, I would never ever take the train.

Today we’re still sharing hundreds of pictures with each other, we’re still laughing our hearts out watching the funny video clips from the trip. This is already my last week in U. The clips, the pictures and the memories of U and me are unforgettable!


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