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I don’t need birthday gifts anymore.
And no, I’m not turning 26 yet. Not in July or August.
Lastly, this is not a birthday wish list. It’s only a list.

1) Blackberry Pearl – I so have a thing for white cell phones.

2) A digital photo frame – coolie!

3) Green roses – By green, i mean this GREEN

4) Stress relief oil containing Sandalwood, Lavender, Orange, Clary Sage

5) Bizu macaroons – Oh Manila! I still remember well where in Green Belts 2 the shop is located.

6) Books (Marketing, Business, Self-Development, Fictions & Non-fictions)

7) Some recordings of me singing my favorite songs



  1. viet Hoa chu Green y chi am chi em ngay xua tang chi Hoa Hong mau trang chu gi :(. Gian!

  2. Rubie em, đừng vội nóng giận. Hoa em tặng, chị trưng ngay trên bàn làm việc rồi còn chụp hình về khoe trên blog nữa mà.

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