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This one goes out to my “đồng bọn” in Unilever and to all my friends who think they can listen til the end of the song without falling off their chairs.

A song by Míbebe & me:



  1. pretty good job, Thanh! And I could tell that was your voice right away, even though the last time I heard it was 8, 9 years ago. Bua nay hat karaoke hay qua!

  2. khong dam noi giong ai la giong ai, vi sau khi qua su xu ly cua studio, da khong nghe giong giong Thanh nua .

  3. nghe co hoi khac thiet.. nhung ma nghe ky cung nhan ra giong be’.. hay phet keke..

  4. Cai studio nay khong co professional toi muc xu ly chat giong nguoi hat dau a. Thiet bi thu am khong phan anh 100% chat giong cua minh thi co.

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