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Can’t thank my ex colleagues enough for this scrap book. Without these unique people, my Unilever time would never be the same. And though we no longer sit in the same office building, I’ll always be part of you, my lovely team!

Ban Mi

Customer Development Freshmen 2004 outing in Binh Duong
Tuan’s birthday (2005)

Hongkong (2006)
Philippines (2005)
Tuyen Quang (2007)
Hoi An (2008)

Tet 2008
Unilever Homebase Grand Opening (2008)
Goody Ice Cream (2007)

Parkson Hung Vuong (2008)
Tuyen Quang (2007)
My 25th birthday in Phan Thiet (2007)

Customer Marketing – Hygiene team – Quarterly meeting in Binh Quoi (2008)

Em Thom – my successor

Em Hoa

Em Phuong – trainee 2007

Anh Khoa – my line manager & our pictures from the Oscar night in Nha Trang (2008)

Em Ly – trainee 2007

Em Uyen

Ban Giang


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  1. wow….this is really impressive…….very touching

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